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One seminar will change the way you eat for lifeguaranteed!

MF_623-00712427Smart Weight Loss…for life!

Really smart weight loss needs to look at the full spectrum of health habits; diet, exercise and emotional escapes in food will be addressed in this one-day. Jo-Anne, Joe & the Therahealth Network Team will unravel the confusion and mixed messages in weight-loss and lifestyle change at work and at home.

Live Well and Get Younger Next Year

Learn how to manage your lifestyle and deal yourself in on a longer, more vital, healthier life. This one-day seminar covers the latest research in body, mind and diet. It’s a hands on, dynamic day of learning including your map to long-term habit change at work and home. Joe, Jo-Anne, & the Therahealth Network Team will bring you all you need to get better next year.

Get Energized

This is a day you’ll never forget. Learn tricks in revving your metabolism, get new energy and feel better than ever. Food, exercise and thinking play a powerful role in expanding and/or limiting our every day experience at work, at home, at play.

Jo-Anne, Joe & the Therahealth Network consultants are the most energizing team you’ll ever get together in one room!

CI_ITF269048Heart Smart Living

Concerned about your heart health? Want to avoid medication? Confused by conflicting information on heart-healthy living, eating and exercise choices? Joe,  Jo-Anne & the Heart Smart Team will make it all simple so you can eat, exercise, live and work to your heart’s content.