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We Bring the Network Depending on Your Needs

Registered Kinesiologists

“Fitness shouldn’t dominate or consume your life, but rather should make the rest of your life more enjoyable and effortless. It’s all about balance.

“Physical balance in your body and personal balance between family, work, play, fitness and so on.

“Sometimes the balance gets slightly off, as it will for everyone now and then, but good general fitness and a well-designed exercise program is the cornerstone to lasting health, wellness and productivity. “

  • encourage clients to appreciate the benefits of their health and fitness
  • assess clients’ physical needs and weaknesses, changing them into strengths
  • quickly guide clients to the knowledge of key information for fitness success

Registered Dieticians

  • assess where your employee health habits are at
  • celebrate their strengths and develop strategies to improve
  • set up goals individually and as a team

Executive and Leadership Coaches

  • master your profession and lead from within
  • emerging leaders
  • change management
  • help set up goals to improve communication and strategic planning
  • develop mentoring and leadership

Integrated Wellness Physicians

  • on call to consult as needed

Sports Medicine Physicians

  • part of the health education for your team

Registered Massage Therapists

  • as part of the ‘de-stress’ packages on-site care