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Lunch & Learns

Lunch ‘n’ Learn topics


De-Stress & Get Balanced

DV_200286488-001Eat Smart:

  • Power Lunch
  • Dinners in a Dash
  • Powerful snack
  • Supermarket Savvy
  • Smart Eating Out
  • Heart Smart Eating
  • You? A Role Model?

Be Active:

  • Balanced Body, Balanced Life
  • The No-Time to Workout Workout
  • Maximum Metabolism
  • Proud Posture
  • Stretch the Stress
  • Travel Well
  • Make your desk Fit you

Live Well:

  • Re-think Stress and Move Into Positivity Resonance
  • Get Organized – Five tricks to get at it Today
  • Communication, Powerful Questions
  • Clear Boundaries = Freedom to Succeed Draw the LINE
  • Intimate Relationships the Four Pillars
  • Creativity up, What Are You Waiting For?
  • Family–Work Balance – Strategies to Off-Load Pressure
  • Quick Last Minute Stress Tips that Work
  • Five Steps to Get Better Sleep shutterstock_61523647


Communication & Team Building Series

CI_ITF185S072Live Well:

  • Understand Healthy Anger
  • Work through those road blocks together better
  • Learn how to listen for the deeper issues: in ourselves and others
  • That’s the Honest Truth – Isn’t it?
  • Five steps to get past the politics, triangles, and strengthen emotional boundaries
  • Verbal & physical communication styles
  • Leadership and Partnership; the fine art of both

Be Active:

  • Posture basics
  • Team building exercises, hands on
  • What does your body say about you?
  • Office Exercise Team Meeting Warm Ups
  • Listen to your body and avoid injuries
  • The Power of Group Goals; get physical

Eat Smart:

  • Emotional eating traps
  • Games we play with food
  • What works best for Team Meetings in Food Choices