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TheraHealth’s goal is to help you


We conceived the idea for TheraHealth Network while vacationing Europe in the summer of 2004. With four young adult children between us, we were inspired to develop a shared career focus in couple, family, and corporate wellness. Joe & I recognized that in today’s hectic world, many people get lost in their ambitions to perform well, and lose sight of the spirit and sense of personal mission that brought them to their career, partner, or company in the first place.

In Rome, where we witnessed Elton John give an outdoor concert in front of the Coliseum for hundreds of thousands of couples and friends and families congregated there, we recognized the joy that people of all ages share in music and in participating in community events.

In the little medieval Tuscan town of Luca we saw a collective of middle-aged men play guitars, trumpets, accordions and even spoons, while they wandered in and out of stores, pubs, and restaurants, playing for their drinks and snacks from an appreciative, smiling audience. We recognized a slower pace of life overall. People here walked and rode their bikes to work up and down the narrow roads.

In Berlin, we were completely inspired by a program of “Dial a Bike” sponsored by Deutchebahn (German Rail). The city, with its ‘active transportation culture’, has bikes strewn on every street with a cell phone-activated lock and release.

We were inspired during the time of the Olympics… and since then, we have continued to realize that when values align in a common vision, life is a whole lot more stimulating and joyful. Work is no longer work. It has been four years since our Vancouver Olympics, but the spirit of community engagement continues. We share a vision to do our best to contribute to corporate, community, and family health.

The name “Thera” is derived from the Greek word ‘Thira’, the name of the lead town on the island of Santorini. Thira in ancient Greek mythology was the Goddess of Creation. The mission of TheraHealth Network is help YOU to realize your best life through the creation and maintenance of better partnerships and lifestyle habits. We bring top people in all fields to your front door at work, at home, and at play. Our role is bring you the guidance of leading experts in our health and fitness network, so you can do your best work ever, manage your own health, and fall in love again, with your life and the people that matter to you! We will help you to Eat Smart. Be Active. Live Well. Work Well, so you can feel like a champion in the conduct of your own life.