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Energize your workforce!

peopleShow your people that you care about them by providing a comprehensive program and the tools they need to eat better, be more active, and balance their work and home lives. Then reap the rewards of your investment from your happier, healthier workforce, with improved recruitment, satisfaction and morale, and reduced turnover, injuries and absenteeism.

Are you In?

The Essential Components of a Workplace Wellness Program

1.  To Encourage Physical Health Practices

2.  To Develop Your Team with Mental Health Strategies that Bring Long Term Gains

  • increase physical activity by 20%
  • reduce obesity and overweight by 20%
  • reduce tobacco prevalence by 10%
  • increase the proportion of British Columbians who eat the recommended daily levels of vegetables and fruit by 20%
  • build positivity resonance by 100%
  • change your bottom line with direct positive financial returns in reduced sick days and increased productivity

TheraHealth can help you achieve these targets within your workforce. Don’t be left behind!